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On the other hand, the Democrats, at least the establishment of the party, rallied around their candidate, Joseph Biden. This reduces Trump chances.”The Kremlin’s apparent concern that its preferred candidate might lose in November explains the avalanche of anti Biden coverage on Russia’s English language outlets, RT and Sputnik. Kremlin funded media are latching on to every distraction spawned by Trump’s re election campaign: Obamagate, Huntergate, Flynngate and whatever else may follow.

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So I’m like, this is crazy. You go to Alabama, these dudes have big ass houses. Are we both making the same thousand dollars, you know what I mean? I think there has to be some change, but I also know how hard it is to change a behemoth like that.. Since restaurants will have to expand their dining, those that don have storefronts with wide sidewalks will be allowed to set up tables on curbside parking spots, called parklets. The city is still trying to figure out how that will work in terms of separating the tables from vehicular traffic. Casey said he is open to all types of ideas, including food carts on the street..

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